Revving Up: Motivational Monday

2xmaslogoHappy Monday jerky lovers! Holiday season is a time to spend with loved ones and share special memories together with friends and family. For some, it’s a good time to reflect on themselves and see where they can improve on. Here’s what we want to say to YOU for Motivational Monday:

Ask yourself if what you are doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow! It’s up to you to take control and shape today, tomorrow, your future. Make each day a fresh start, live well, eat well. It’s never to late to start and begin a new journey to seize every opportunity! The power of this choice is within you and today, choose your happiness!

With the holiday weekend around the corner, Fusion Jerky wants everyone to stay warm and eat healthy! Eating and over-eating is the biggest trend of all holiday weekends with family and friends. We want to help you build a menu full of healthy options and alternatives so you don’t feel guilty on binge eating.




Main Dishes:

Side Dishes:





Jerky Note:

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