National Hamburger Day!

Fusion Jerky wants to wish everyone a Happy National Hamburger Day!


What is your favorite type of burger?

Hamburgers are known to be “unhealthy” and “fatty”, but there are many ways to transform the burger to be a healthy option. Here are some recipes to help you out:

Special Tropical Christmas Burger

Buffalo Apple Burgers with Sage Jalapeno Pesto

Open Faced Crispy Chicken Burger with Mango & Portobello Bun


Feta and Zucchini Turkey Burgers

Turkey Burger with Blueberry Onion Compote


Beer Steamed Burgers

Blue Cheese Burger

This site we found is great for finding the perfect burger recipe for you and your family. They broke down their selections into categories. There are options for everyone, vegetarian, fish, and meat lovers!

Greatist: Healthy Burger Recipes

Here’s a vegetarian site full of recipes:

BuzzFeed: Veggies Rule Burgers Drool

Just to throw it in there, here are some classic burgers that have an amazing, delicious twist to them:


Jerky Note:

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