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Mark Masterton, left, chair of the Scotts Bluff County Commission, gives KaiYen Mai, owner of KYS Foods and Cayenne LLC, pointers on ceremonial digging during the groundbreaking for the new jerky processing plant. Scotts Bluff County was the sponsor of the state grant which helped land the plant which will create 20 new jobs. Next to Mai is Saiho Yeung crouching with shovel, CFO of KYS Foods, Howard Olsen, past president of Twin Cities Development and Mike Downey, president of First State Bank. Photo by Rick Willis

Welcome to Fusion Jerky’s blog FUSE YOUR LIFE

Meet our Founder and CEO – Kaiyen Mai:

The idea of Fusion Jerky came to KaiYen as she summited Mt. Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa. Protein was essential for the 6-day hike. The grueling feat revealed to KaiYen how necessary certain nutrients were needed for optimal performance, but also how great flavor qualities would help motivate her through the most challenging days on the trail.

Jerky has been a part of KaiYen Mai’s family for over 47 years where they perfected the craft of creating quality, Asian-style jerky. Her family background – and the influence of growing up in the Bay Area’s dynamic food culture – inspired KaiYen to “fuse” innovative flavors with premier meat textures to create the best, all-natural jerky with no preservatives, no nitrites, gluten free, high protein and low sodium on the market today.

Control over quality is critical to KaiYen, which is why she decided to build her own state-of-the-art USDA processing facility in the bucolic town of Scottsbluff, Nebraska to ensure every step of the jerky process met her discerning standard of taste, texture and premier ingredients.

Contributing to my vision is my role as a devoted, working mother and adventurer. Healthy protein is a part of life. I created my jerky with the same high standards for ingredients I hold for my family’s active lifestyle.

Founder, KaiYen Mai


  • We value family traditions
  • We believe that a healthier lifestyle contributes to a happier life
  • We value hard-work
  • We believe our bodies are our temples and deserve nothing but the best
  • We value our jerky at nothing but the best quality
  • We believe a quality product is also a tasty product – taste is everything when it comes to food

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